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Interesting High-Speed Video Clips

Dr. David Alciatore of the College of Engineering at Colorado State University has assembled a set of Windows Media files showing clips of various activities shot with a high-speed camera.  There are too many scenes to list here, but our favorites include dropping the slinky, dropping the light bulb, hitting various things with a hammer, and the rubber band.

Taken on the Road

"Join Matt Frondorf as he drives from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, his camera clicking at every mile."  Why?  This is one of those "because it is there trips (and web sites".

T. Rex Dig - The Black Hills Institute is uncovering what they believe could be one of the most intact Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils every recovered.  The site is in eastern Montana and the dig is being documented on the web as it proceeds.  The web site (that will be operational starting Monday, May 10) includes photos, stories, and interviews from the site.    

Copenhagen Consensus May 24 - 28, 2004.

Copenhagen Consensus is an attempt to find solutions (or at least start discussions regarding solutions) for worldwide problems like diseases, environmental degradation, armed conflicts and financial instability.  The approach is to have nine world class economists identify ten critical topics.  An internationally recognized expert is assigned to research each topic and present a paper addressing the topic.  Other experts will review the papers and results will be made available world-wide.  If leaders of countries are willing to listen and learn this should be interesting and hopefully useful.   

Ian's Shoelace Site - a fun and educational site.  - "It was just over 21 years ago that I invented a super-fast way of tying my shoelaces. I named this technique the Ian Knot, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot, and have been sharing it with the world in a variety of ways ever since."  (It takes practice, but it works.)
"Since starting this web site back in May 2000, I've gradually expanded it to include some of the fascinating shoelace related knowledge that I've collected over the years. Whether you want to learn to tie shoes, lace shoes, stop shoelaces from coming undone or repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer!"

The Bentley Snow Crystals Site - Wilson Alwyn Bentley (1865-1931), spent years studying and making photomicrographs of snow crystals, dew, frost and ice crystals. Some of his work is reproduced at this web site.

This is an actual obituary published in The Times-Picayune, New Orleans on 10/2/2003:

"Word has been received that Gertrude M. Jones, 81, passed away on August 25, 2003, under the loving care of the nursing aides of Heritage Manor of Mandeville, Louisiana. She was a native of Lebanon, KY. She was a retired Vice President of Georgia International Life Insurance Company of Atlanta, GA. Her husband, Warren K. Jones predeceased her. Two daughters survive her: Dawn Hunt and her live-in boyfriend, Roland, of Mandeville,LA; and Melba Kovalak and her husband, Drew Kovalak, of Woodbury, MN. Three sisters, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren, also survive her. Funeral services were held in Louisville, KY.  Memorial gifts may be made to any organization that seeks the removal of President George Bush from office."

(Gertrude Jones' on-line "Guest Book" can be accessed here.)

A similar statement was contained in the obituary of  71-year-old Sally Baron, published August 21, 2003 in Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin.



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