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The following joke inspired the "Texan and His Hat" button.

There were three world famous surgeons at a medical conference.  They had met at the end of the day’s session in a bar and were relaxing and talking about their more interesting cases.  Of course, as is normal in these situations, they started bragging a little about their expertise and successes.

One of the surgeons said, “You know, my toughest case was a young woman who had been in a fireworks accident.  All of her fingers were blown off.  It was a particularly tedious and difficult operation that lasted for 16 hours, but she recovered and went on to become an internationally famous concert pianist.” 

The second surgeon said, “Well, that is impressive, but I don’t think it stands up to the difficulty of a case of mine.  I had a patient brought to me who had been in a terrible industrial accident and lost both arms and both legs.  I rushed him into the operating room and performed 28 hours of surgery.  His recovery was difficult, but he went on to win a Gold medal in the Olympic decathlon.”

The third surgeon sat a while and then finally said, “Well, that is tough alright.  But let me tell you about my hardest case.  I got an emergency call from a ranch in Texas.  This cowboy had been riding his horse across the plains without paying attention and was hit by a train going 100 miles per hour.  All I had to work with was a horse’s ass and a cowboy hat, and he became the President of the United States.”



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